Dnai's Strike Zone


League Bowling

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these are our winter leagues which start on September 2012 WE STILL HAVE SOME VACANCIES TO FILL
SUNDAY contact
Merry Mixers Doubles 2-bowler team
Marcia Styles 718 465-7719
6:30 pm meets the 3rd Sunday of each month 
Merry Mixers Doubles II 2-bowler team
Marcia Styles 718 465-7719
6:30 pm meets the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month
10:00 am Roy Wilkens Dolphins 3-bowler team

6:30   pm Long Island Total Pins 3-bowler team

6:30  pm Cambria Heights 4-bowler team Beatrice Spencer 516 285-7697
9;30  pm Just Pals singles Steve DeChalus 516 285-6863
10:00 am Strivers Seniors 3-bowler team June Williams 718 523-7245
10:00 am Platinum Ladies 3-bowler team Meritan Jones 718 978-5578
6:30 pm Elite Mixed Four 4-bowler team Marian Pentheny 646 289-1625
9:30 pm Lane Changers 3-bowler team

10:00 am Wed. AM MIxed Doubles 2-bowler team Jean Cureton 718 322-8398
1:00 pm Elderstatesmen Seniors 2-bowler team

7:00 pm Islanders 3-bowler team Clarissa Green 718 479-5667
10:00 am Super Seniors 3-bowler team Toicene LaMarr 718 341-1952
10:00 am Brooks Seniors 4-bowler team Thomas Richardson 718 452-8537
1:00 pm Silver Foxes of  Lemuel Hayes 2-bowler team Diane Graves 718 942-1846
7:30 pm Merry Mixers 3-bowler team Marcia Styles 718 465-7719
FRIDAY  11:15am.    The Assorted Nuts 5:00 pm.     The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. 3-bowler team
7:00 pm Long Island Total Pins Fri 2-bowler team Celeste Eaddy 718 288-3816
10:00 am James M Knight Police 2-bowler team Robert Timmons 718 528-9455

all bowlers welcome to join

1:00 pm Juniors - bumpers
Dani's Strike Zone
1:00 pm Juniors
Vernon Chambers
1:00 pm Juniors - Parents

516 328-2695
5:00 pm Calvary Baptist 3-bowler team Tamika Crowley 718 525-8302
6:30 pm Merry Mixers 4-bowler team Vernon Johnson 347-538-6192

  WE ALSO HAVE SUMMER LEAGUES. Call for availability  

Dani's Strike Zone League Bowlers Special Pricing

must present Dani's Strike Zone league card to get discount

valid only for Dani's Strike Zone league bowler


$2.50 per game per person all times

October Special: $1.00 per game per person Wednesday 9:30 am - 4:30pm Must be off lanes by 5:30


11:00 am - 3:00 pm

must be off lanes by 4:00 pm 

every month the $1.00 day special changes