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The failure of the NFL to china authentic jerseys create a clear record of the things said when a player meets with the Commissioner for review of the player’d case under the personal conduct policy means that, if a dispute arises regarding what was said, the facts must be authentic sports jerseys recreated.

In the cheap authentic sports jerseys Ray Rice case, the recreation of the facts by former U.S. Judge Barbara S. Jones centered on the NFL’s contention that Rice didn’t say he had struck his then-fiancée, and that Rice actually said he had slapped Janay Palmer, who then fell and “knocked herself out.”  Ultimately, that’s what it boiled down to before Judge Jones; whether Rice said he hit Janay or whether he said he authentic sports jerseys cheap slapped her, she fell, and she “knocked herself out.”

The testimony of the witnesses authentic sports jerseys from china regarding the things said at the June 16, 2014 meeting at the league office conflicted on that point, with Rice and his witnesses contending that he said he struck Janay ?and with the NFL’s witnesses contending that Rice merely said he slapped her and she then fell and “knocked herself out.”  This necessitated a review by Judge Jones of the notes authentic sports jerseys wholesale made by persons attending the meeting.

Commissioner Roger Goodell’s notes were “not detailed” and contained no “verbatim quotes” from Rice regarding the assault.  Goodell’s notes do not contain the word “slap” but they do use the word “struck.”  NFL senior V.P. of labor policy and governmental affairs Adolpho Birch’s notes were “even sparser.”

NFL jerseys cheap authentic senior labor relations counsel Kevin Manara, who was assigned specifically to take notes, wrote that “he slapped her; fell; knocked herself out.”  However, Judge Jones was “not persuaded that [Manara’s] notes reliably report that Rice used the words ‘knocked herself out.'”  She reasoned that Jones’ notes use “slapped” when the majority of witnesses said Rice used the word “hit,” and she pointed to Manara’s concession that the notes describing the assault were not “verbatim.”  It’s a subtle way of rejecting the credibility of Manara’s notes without attributing a reason or motive for the lack of credibility.