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Cheap Christian Louboutin wedges Outlet online

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  1, in the selection of shoes, the best in the afternoon three points to six points or so to choose shoes, because of foot slightly expansion at this time, if the selected size does cheap louboutin outlet not feel small, the rest of the day was also no problem. Stand try, because standing than sitting at the foot a little bigger. When trying not only to wear in front of a mirror to look at buying, must walk a few steps back and forth, carefully feeling of stability and size knitting slippers is appropriate.
  2, choose the shoes a pair of shoes self clean stockings, easy off and put on trial painted canvas shoes (especially the perspiration stains appear ankle slightly tight very packet avoid embarrassment cheap louboutin heels over shoes.
  3, there are about 2/3 of the people do not like the two legs, which long remember which only a short time, test shoes to try on two legs. In accordance with the feet slightly bigger choose shoes. Can not simply according to the shoe size to choose white canvas shoes or buy on behalf of the trustee, must personally try, because to the last, style or brand models of the different standards, the specific size of shoes will be different.
  4, with feet Rezhanglengsuo season will be different, so in the winter to buy discount fashion summer leisure shoes, you try to fit the size of the summer may be slightly smaller than.
  5, the ideal size is at least: ten toes can freely move in the shoes, comfortable cushions and an appropriate degree of internal space; soles of the feet and the curvature depression is a foot, ankle and toe replica louboutin wedges touch shoes; QIANJIAO a certain leeway, if can between the tiptoe withstand Xietou at heel and after the shoes help put a finger in the distance, the size is just right; heel of the shoe on the surface to be a good paste live heel, can not slide to slide to walk; their top-down view Jiaogong shoes and the Department of the central radian is consistent, confirm the appropriateness of elastic hem.
  6, don't because of the end of season discount temptation or really love as an excuse to make their own feet to accommodate a pair of sub dimensions of leisure slippers, size too small shoes even wear longer, support replica christian louboutin heels degree is also very limited, temporary instep scenery may cause corns, blisters, foot pain, leg pain, back pain a series of symptoms.
  7, if the front of the shoes have a design, you dream of almost perfect radian, exudes the most fashionable color light, reasonable price............ You could fall in love at first sight of it. Unfortunately, the material is not good, or persuade you choose Cajianerguo. In the range of economic conditions permit, I suggest you choose the best christian louboutin shoes replica Pimian, Pinelli (smooth with no seams), a wholly Pidi shoes. Because leather breathable, Xihan features and flexibility are good, it is with your feet better shape anastomosis, BIE Khan, wear more comfortable, leather, leather and can also reduce noise.
  8, check the quality of leather shoes cortex, not in the toe and on both sides of the side leather shoes, choose shoes better touch on both sides, have a look whether the uniform thickness.
  9, choose soft and flexible soles, compared to the average spread impact, buy high heels and a half when Mai pad can be appropriately ease pressure on the foot. Although the skin with leather soled shoes may slide on the first try, but after several times through, the situation is much better. Although the metal heels look modern eye-catching, but it truly easy bad, but a very small possibility of good repair.
  10, in general, people feel comfortable with is: the higher the heel shoes, heel is the width kujiao;
  Ladies short, kujiao more narrow. So with the trial cheap christian louboutin shoes outlet or Dixie short time, may wish to use small clip kujiao narrower at the effect.
  11, choose a color of skin dark tonal than some of the shoe, can appear long legged subof. While, hesitate about what move to make between several pairs of shoes might think: they have shiny material, bowknot adornment, Velcro or jumping color? Because -- these are easy to make legs look shorter. But the contrast color toe and uppers are very bright, but the feet look smaller and more delicate.